Vanilla Ice Cream


I’m one of those people that think you can eat ice cream year round. I don’t wait for summer to enjoy this soft, smooth and creamy treat.   I guess you can call an ice cream parlor my “happy place”, well, one of them anyway.  But just like everything else, I am always on a mission to make it myself (and make it better).   So eight years ago when my children bought me the ice cream bowl and attachment for my Kitchen aid mixer, I was very excited to make homemade ice cream.  The first time I made ice cream I could not believe how incredibly delicious it was.  I’d like to say that I don’t buy store bought ice cream anymore, but that would a flat out lie!  I still buy ice cream at the store and I definitely still go ice cream parlors (are they still called parlors? oh well, they’ll always be parlors to me).

This ice cream recipe is easy to make, but it does take some time. The ice cream base takes about 5 minutes to make with only 5 ingredients that are readily available, but there’s some wait time.  I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “Wait time? Who wants to wait?”  Trust me, it’s worth it!


  • 1 ¼ cups heavy cream (divided)
  • 3 egg yolks
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla bean paste
  • 1 cup whole milk



  1. Combine 1 cup of the heavy cream, sugar, and egg yolks in a medium saucepan. Cook over a medium heat until mixture starts to bubble (about 4-5 minutes).
  2. Stir constantly so the eggs don’t scramble. Remove from heat.
  3. Stir in remaining heavy cream, milk and vanilla bean paste. Stir until completely incorporated. Place in a medium bowl, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours.
  4. Put ice cream mixture into frozen bowl. Using the ice cream churning attachment, mix for 15-20 minutes until ice cream thickens. Place ice cream in a freezer until ready to eat. If you’re anything like me, it won’t be long😁!

Whipped Mock Bavarian Cream

I come from a large family. I am seventh in the line of eight children.  I have loved being in the kitchen for as long as I can remember.  My mom had a delicious home cooked meal on the table every night.  As I got older (around 12-13 years old) I remember hanging out more and more with my mom in the kitchen.  She never followed a recipe and it always turned out amazing!  There was always a LOT of food on the table.  If anyone stopped by before dinner they were always invited to pull up a chair and join us.  I think this is where my passion for entertaining began!

Fast forward to the early 1980’s. I began making birthday cakes for my family.  I would buy Wilton cake books and I would practice recreating different cakes for all occasions.  I also subscribed to a magazine called Mailbox News.  This was a magazine with recipes, tips, pictures of cakes and food.  Other than magazines (and recipes in the local Sunday newspaper), this was all a home baker or cook had.  I think we are now living in a wonderful time where all we have to do is type anything into our search engine on our electronic device and a plethora of things pop up!  It’s pretty amazing how far we have come.

This recipe was in the October 1986 edition of Mailbox News. I have tweaked the recipe slightly, but I can tell you the overall result is amazing!!  It is so versatile.  It can also be used as a filling for doughnuts, éclairs, cakes, cupcakes…the possibilities are endless!!  I like to use this as frosting for chocolate cakes and cupcakes.  It’s such an easy recipe!  This is one of my all-time favorite recipes and when you make this I am sure it will be one of yours too.  It uses basic ingredients that we always have on hand.


  • 1 cup milk (238 ml)
  • 4 Tablespoons All Purpose Flour (32 grams)
  • 1 cup Softened Butter (226 grams)
  • 1 cup *Granulated Sugar (200 grams)
  • 1 tsp. *Vanilla


 Cook the milk and flour together in a small saucepan over medium heat until mixture thickens and starts to boil (approx. 2-3 minutes). Stir constantly.  Mixture will be the consistency of pudding.  Remove pan from heat and cover with lid. Allow to cool at room temperature.  

Using a wire whisk attachment, cream the remaining ingredients until light and fluffy (about 5 minutes).

Add the flour mixture and continue and continue mixing on high for another 6-7 minutes.

This icing/filling needs to be refrigerated. Bring it back to room temperature before enjoying.


*You can also use caster sugar which is an extra fine sugar. It can be found in some grocery stores, but if you can’t find it or don’t have any on hand just pulse granulated sugar in a food processor until fine (about 7 or 8 times).

*Use Pure Vanilla. It really does make a difference in the taste of your product!

Chocolate cupcakes topped with swirls of whipped mock Bavarian cream!