Throwing It Way Back Thursday!

David's first birthday

I would like to talk a little bit about birthday cakes. Because I like to bake and decorate cakes (I will find any excuse to make a cake.  Hence the “chicken pox cake” I made for my son when he was six years old).  I have always enjoyed making cakes for my children.  Seeing the expression on their face when they would see the finished product was priceless!

Thursdays are going to be dedicated to some of my very first cakes. It’s really cool to watch the progression through the years.  Cake styles and techniques are always changing.  I feel like some styles or coming around again, such as butter cream and royal icing flowers.

I’m always looking for that perfect cake (or cupcake) recipe, and just when I think I’ve found it (you guessed it), another one shows up on Instagram or Pinterest.   I have always liked buying cookbooks, and that love still remains.  When I go to a bookstore I head straight to “cookbook” section.  It has become a dream of mine to one day have my very own cookbook gracing those isles.  I am working to make those dreams a reality someday.

This week’s cake is my son David’s first birthday cake. It was a clown cake inspired by a cake I saw in a Wilton cake book.  I also made ice cream cone cupcakes topped with Wilton clown toppers.  Because he was one, he really didn’t have much of reaction to his cake, but I sure was happy with how it turned out!

Chickenpox Cake


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